The proposal for acquisition of lands to be acquired by the Ministries , Departments and Institutions  under Western Provincial Council is submitted to the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils along with the recommendation of the Chief Secretary.

Documents which are required

  • Statement of particulars on the land proposed to be acquired.
  • Application under chapter 460 of the Land Acquisition Act
  • Tracing or plan of the land which has been acquired
  • Gross valuation report of the land
  • Approval for the proposal of the Council if the land is Acquired for a Local Government Institution
  • The receipt obtained from the respective Divisional Secretariat by way of depositing gross valuation of the land
  • Recommendation of the respective Head of Department / Secretary of the Ministry
  • Feasibility report obtained under interim provision 38(a)
  • The consent of the respective Local Government Institution when a land in another Local Government Institution is acquired


  • Application under Chapter 460 of Land Acquisition Act

Demolition of buildings

Granting approval for the demolition of old and non productive buildings belonging to Ministries, Departments and other Institutions of Western Provincial Council

  • Required documents
    • Quality report on the building proposed to be demolished
    • Plan of the building
    • Estimate of expenditure to be borne for the demolition
    • Value of the materials of the building to be demolished
    • Recommendation of the committee for demolition of buildings if it is a school building/recommendation of the Regional Engineer if the building is at a Ministry
    • Recommendation of the Secretary of the respective Ministry