Obtaining approval for accident leave

To direct the applicant to a medical board and then submit the application for accident leave to the Chief Secretary through the Head of Department for the approval along with true copies of relevant report.

Application for compensation on accidents

To submit through the Head of the Institution the duly perfected application containing particulars of the officer, who faced with the accident, and other documents along with the recommendations of the Ministry and Head of the Department.

Necessary applications and documents

  • Letter of request for compensation on accident
  • Application (A.Circular. 22/93 – Payment of compensation to public officers who suffer injuries whilst on duty)
  • Report of the Head of Department
  • Preliminary investigation report on the accident
  • Form General 142, Report No I and II of the Medical Board
  • Medical Certificates
  • Police Report
  • Letter of appointment
  • An affidavit to the effect that no compensation has been obtained at earlier occasion on accident
  • Salary particulars of the month prior to the date of accident
  • A copy of the National Identity Card

-To refer relevant document to the Compensation Boars after examining them by the Chief Secretary

-To communicate the decision of the Compensation Board to Chief Secretary by the Secretary of the Compensation Board after examination of relevant documents and then communicate the decision to relevant institution.

Legal Provisions

  • Public Administration Circular No 22/93 – Payment of compensation to public officers who suffer injuries whilst on duty
  • Chapter XII of the Establishments code